Box Rules

Please be on time.
We reward lateness with burpees. Lots of them. Be fair to your friends in class. Nothing interrupts a class more than someone coming in while the coach is already explaining the WOD.
Show up for class.
We have your phone number and know where you live. If we haven't seen you in class for a while we may call you to ask what's going on and if you are ok.
If you can't make it, please unregister early.
Sometimes life gets in the way, we know this. Please give all the other members the chance to make it to class by unregistering early.
Clean and put your equipment back.
Clean the equipment you used of any blood, sweat and tears. This also includes chalk handprints on the ground, the weights and the rig!
Treat the equipment with respect.
You are allowed to use heavy weights. You are allowed to drop them. However, we do not accept improper handling. There is NEVER a reason to drop an empty barbell!
Chalk is useful and sometimes necessary but it also causes a lot of stains. Use it wisely and always over one of the chalk buckets.
Leave your drama at the door.
Use our class to sign off from your daily troubles. We focus and take care of you, all you need to do is listen and keep count. We want you to leave the gym physically drained but mentally refreshed!
Leave your ego at the door.
Too much ego only improves one thing: your chance of injury. It is actually about you and your progress. There will always be someone who is able to move more weight than you.
Be patient and trust the process.
We all have to start somewhere and progress takes time. Injuries are typically caused by impatience. Ask questions and / or ask your coach for help. We are here for you!
Never say "I can't do that."
Self-pity doesn't help your progress. Burpees do.
You're an athlete, not a coach.
Your coach has given you an awesome cue to improve your movement mechanics? Great! That doesn't mean that the same thing applies to the next guy. Keep that in mind before you pour your newfound wisdom on him or her.
Give your best every day.
We don't expect you to PR daily and neither should you. If you give us your all each and every day, you will win in the long run.
Introduce yourself.
If you meet somebody in the box you haven't met before, go over and make a new friend. We are one community and welcome everyone, no matter how long he or she will stay with us.
We don't want you to get hurt or train incorrectly. We all started somewhere and if we correct you, take weight off of your bar or influence your workout in any other way, shape or form, please know that we do this to improve your safety and to help your progress.
Be honest.
Nobody likes cheaters. Do every rep with proper technique and only count correct reps. Nobody cares about your time if you have cheated to get there. How much fun is there in „winning“ if you haven't earned it fairly?
Have fun!

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